Mantra of the Immortal Guru

Chiranjeevi in Devanagari means immortal. Ashwathama, Bali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Kripacharya and Parasurama are the 7 Chiranjeevi’s or immortals in the Hindu religious scriptures. The Mantra given here is also one of the 108 names of Hanuman; the most famous and popular of the immortals.

However this Mantra is also attributed to the Original Guru; the Guru of the Gurus; the Guru of the Navnath’s; the one imparting the highest form of Knowledge; Guru Dattatreya. He is the immortal Guru and hence many spiritual sects chant this Mantra to Meditate upon Guru Dattatreya.

This Mantra; according to some is also the Mool Mantra of Dattatreya. The spiritual aspirants make the chanting of this Mantra a part of their daily routine. The self striving Sadhak; chants this as a Guru Mantra, to open his mind to the highest dimensions of existence; represented by Guru Dattatreya.

ॐ चिरंजीविने नमः ||
Om Chiranjivine Namah ||

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  1. I was going through GuruPeeda to my Rashi Vrushabh. As this gurupeeda started, my managers and top management were forcing me to do something which I refused to do. Can't explain what it was but it could have caused me financial loss but was a huge gain to the organization. They started harassing me forcing me to do it. Then feared frustrated depressed me came to this page and started chanting this mantra in my mind all day long remembering god Dattatreya. Within one week I got interview call from 2 companies. I got selected and I resigned and then my managers stopped harassing me. I was happy, but then I did not stop chanting that mantra. I continued chanting it as I was really impressed the way god supported me. Within next 15 days I got another offer from big MNC and almost double package offer. After serving notice period I joined the company with double payment offer as a Technical Lead. I was still chanting the mantra. I got opportunity to handle the project as a project manager for which generally the people with double the experience of which I had are preferred. Today I am handling delivery and project smoothly and receiving client appreciations too for the same. It was something really unexpected happened to me in my gurupeeda phase. This mantra works. The immortal guru Dattatreya exists and supports you and give you loads of prosperity and happiness and success. Trust me!

    1. Nice to hear that, Mantras of the Immortal Guru of all Gurus, if chanted with sincerity is sure to work miracles.


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