Soulful Robots on Orbiting Settlements

Up in the high orbiting settlements, recent creators of a trial pair of "soul-ful" advanced computer brainy robots, continued devising what could be advanced better. A very useful advantage of high orbiting settlements had been that they robotically provided what covered many tedious past Earth human daily chores. That had given settlers much free time some could devote to studying possibilities to improve what our ever more advanced technology can achieve for future better living.

While theorizing, then devising complex highly advanced computer minds for trial new ever more capable artificial "life" advanced super brainy robots, it should be realized that some of the best such creative design experts, uniting the best ideas from more such experts, should become able to install, into ever better high capacity electronic speed robotic brains, more and more of what will be most helpful for such superior robots, for very good successful advanced new productive "living" among us.

Such robot programing experts worked well at becoming able to program, within these high capacity speedy computerized "minds", good abilities to extensively self analyze much about various activities options which it could soon try. It would most carefully consider practical advantages which should arise from such possibilities. It could sensibly predictively project and compare and organize which good possible choices should contribute more, better for their future good "living" progress among us.

With faster greater capacity more efficient artificial brains, trial newer advanced created beings could do ever better than old animals. Depending on brain produced dopamine was a crude old mammal method to raise interest in some activities which might result in enjoyed pleasures. But shouldn't it be better to avoid some things, while motivating other options good to perform, by instead comparing amply predictable results? That was a smarter trail to follow. Already, controling sections of human brains could overrule the mere biochemical dopamine interest raising systems.

Such deep analysis of likely consequences should certainly helpfully include cautious useful sensible predictions of possibly harmful effects against some people, to be carefully avoided. To stir any excessive angry responses from our huge majority would be quite bad to risk allowing. Conversely, raising extra gratitude in us would be judged advantageously worth trying to gain, achieving things in better ways which more of us would appreciate, while winning extra approval from us for their cooperative good thoughtful helpfullness.

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