Sending Advanced Robots to Stars

While there was no great need here now to create "soul-ful" advanced computer brainy robots, possibly some would become useful in the future to send to alien stars. Yet, any could be shut-down during such a long trip, of course speeding at most at a fraction of light speed (in the real universe). Thus a smaller much less wide interstellar vessel would be fine, not needing any food, nor any heating and living energy supplies, thus much safely smaller for avoiding interstellar space debris. Once reaching a destination star, robots could harness energy from included initial sunlight to electricity transforming films, to begin many activities, after first finding a good asteroid nicely usable for constructing lots of wanted things there.

Their advanced soul-ful minds could let such advanced robots do as humans might do in an alien star system. So they would give us an early way to start spreading out nearby in our galaxy. And they could expand their numbers there, letting such advanced soul-ful human simulating robots soon accomplish lots more. They could build settlements good for some future humans to eventually voyage far out there. And such settlements would become good for the advanced soul-ful human like robots, to helpfully let them warmly function, much better than staying limited to frigid cold space vacuum temperatures.

Helpful for us is to have options sets we choose from, for deciding things to do next. What has been rewarding gets raised higher up such a list. Things which resulted in past displeasures get dropped lower down such a list, to be avoided if possible. Up in the settlements, something like this was thus tried in a few of the most capable robots having the most advanced computer "minds".

We may gain lingering happy memories we like to somewhat replay in our minds from activities which have rewarded us with pleasures. Then when having some free time, such memories tend to influence our choices of what to enjoy doing next, such as from our mental options sets. Conversely, past activities which had resulted in displeasure or dissatisfaction get remembered enough to maybe be

avoided when choosing what to do next from our mental options sets. So something similar was thus also programed to be tried in a few of the most mentally advanced capable robots.

Two highly advanced robots given such trial programing modifications eventually had begun functioning something like us, keeping options lists they might reorder some after some activity, which fitted their programmed preferences, had produced satisfaction, or after a different activity, better to avoid, had produced unwanted effective dissatisfaction.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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