Dating in the Future

Two genetically refined good ;humans finding each other extra interesting and very exceptionally compatibly close minded might likely consider trying to visit in person. Mentioning their approximate town or city locations would hint if not too remotely far apart, for thus not too distant visits.

Among such genetically refined matured friends, one especially liking a found fine close minded agreeable friend, while eventually wishing for a future long term top best friend, or if of the other sex, even a possible future mate, might finally use their special secure encoded contacts and outlooks network to invite the other to come visit, giving name & address to this friend, or ask to be invited to come visit, if this friend would give name & address, and suggest a good time to come visit.

If of both sexes, one or both might eventually email an attached prepared video revealing good matured best genetics appearance. This would be hoping to interest and tempt the other extra to grant such an actual private visit. It might at least end showing off matured refined attractive good looks in a rather minimal swimsuit, while hinting maybe wearing this for an extended safely private visit.

Also if of both sexes, to tempt the other extra, one could send to some stated special place, for the other to hopefully pick up, some brief minimum which the other could wear to welcome an evening visit, suggesting that the other could try it on to confirm having a very comfortable temperature set for enjoying such a visit. Considering their by now nicely found close minds and outlooks, the other might enjoy the video showing unsurprising genetically refined good attractiveness. Or if the other maybe didn't quite seem interested enough, then no need to inconveniently waste any time for any such visit at some distance away, even fully dressed (maybe outside the swimsuit minimum).

Such an email attached video, when seeking a future long-term mate, could thus offer a useful test to filter out a major friend of the other sex not seeming interested enough. Conversely, it could be useful to consider maybe extending such a visit longer, even beyond maybe beginning to grow temptingly aroused. The video would allow viewing past initial good selected embryo genetics, clearly including some good for attractive matured appearance, also for the best (still purely normal human) adult sexy developments.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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