Shabar Shatru Nashak Hanuman Mantra

Hanuman Mantras are considered to be the most powerful for enemy troubles. This a very specific Shabar Shatru Nashak Hanuman Mantra or an Enemy Destruction Hanuman Mantra. This is a Siddha Mantra for the devotees of Hanuman, who can chant it even once like a prayer if they foresee any enemy schemes to harass them.

The elderly actor, with a perpetual smile on his face; whom you have seen many times in Television Serials and films creates a wrong impression about Hanuman. Without taking much time I have given a short introduction of Hanuman to clear misconceptions which some people might harbor.

Ancient Hindu scriptures describe Hanuman as an Avatar of Shiva possessed of all the Divine Knowledge and qualities of Shiva; including strength and power. So invoking Hanuman is as powerful as invoking Shiva.

Enchanted by the Mohini Roop taken by Vishnu; the semen of Shiva fell upon the earth. This semen was gathered by the Satpt Rishis on some leaves and then deposited in the womb of the daughter of Sage Gautam; Anjani. This is how Shiva manifested as Anjani Putra Hanuman on earth.

Thus Hanuman is nothing but an Avatar of Shiva. Ravana and his Lanka could only be destroyed by Ram with the help of Hanuman. Before embarking to wage war on Ravana, Ram has worshiped Shiva and sought his blessings and protection. Hence these mantras are considered as most powerful; especially to finish off enemies and Shabar Vidya has rightly recognized their importance.

Shabar Shatru Nashak Hanuman Mantra Voodoo Spell to Destroy Enemies
Shabar Shatru Nashak Hanuman Mantra

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  1. in hindi it says ghirla but english says dhirla -- kindly clarify

  2. Dear admin,

    I want to give this mantra to my daughters and so
    please clarify which one is correct - is it Ghirla( hindi version) or Dhirla( english version).

    thank you

  3. Hi sir, My husband is lying always. How to stop him from telling lies?

  4. sir
    I was for the long time unable to over on my own , and not do doing job also what ever try i do for job searching so many obstacles and distrubances

    please suggest me to get rid this problems



  5. How many times and when do we have to chant this mantra?

    1. Chanting the Mantra even one time with concentration will be sufficient.

  6. Hi, what mantra should be said, before one starts to do hanuman chalisa( it invites hanuman) thank you

    1. The Hanuman Chalisa iis in itself a most powerful prayer of Hanuman, why do you need any Hanuman Mantra to start the Hanuman Chalisa.

  7. Does this mantra work on immediate effect? My enemy is troubling a lot.

    1. Depends upon the intensity with, which you perform the Mantra Sadhana.

    2. Respected Sir,
      I want to chant this mantra more then 1 times. Can I chant 108 times daily? Please, advice I will chant in evening or morning.

  8. Hi, how does one counter act InderJal please

  9. Respected sir, can I chant more then 1 time. If yes how many times 108 ?

    1. It all depends upon the intensity with which you chant the Mantra, yes, you can chant the Mantra for One Mala or as many times as you wish, depending upon your capacity.

  10. Hello,

    Will it kill the enemy? How many times, it is required to chant this mantra? Will this mantra chant produce any bad effects on the practitioner?

    Please let me know it and oblige me there by.



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