Mohini Yantras

Mohini Yantras are most powerful attraction charms to enchant and put someone under a spell of attraction. I am giving 2 do it yourself charms in this post; both these spells, using different methods have the same effect.

The first Mohini Yantra is to be written with milk on any kind of paper with a pointed stick. Then it has to be energized by offering incense. You can put this Yantra in your pocket or hold it in your hand and go to the person who you want to enchant.

The second Mohini Yantra is to be written on a Paan [Betel Nut Preparation] with honey, using any pointed stick. The person who you give it to eat becomes enchanted and attracted towards you.
Mohini Yantra written with Milk
Mohini Yantra 1

Mohini Yantra written on Betel leaf- Paan
Mohini Yantra 2

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  1. Sorry to disturb you but can any animal`s milk be used.
    thanking you

    1. sir should the milk be raw or is it ok if it is boiled

    2. Any kind of milk cow or buffalo; raw or boiled.

    3. sir i used the end of an incense stick to write the yantra hence a slight green colour was imparted to the yantra is it okay?
      Also,i just rotated the lighted incense stick above the yantra to energise it is it okay

    4. That all right; as long as the numbers are written correctly.

    5. Thanks a lot sir may the divine blessing be always bestowed upon u and ur relatives

    6. Respected sir
      for how long should we keep the yantra.Should we energize it everyday.what should be done with the yantra after the work of yantra is complete.Can we practice it more than once if it dosen`t work for the first time.

    7. The Yantra has to be energized only once; it can be use repeatedly; after the work is done and you don't want it; immerse the Yantra in any water body; like river, sea or lake.

  2. Neel ji , can u publish very powerful YAKSHA (male) mantras just as u did with YAKSHINI.

    1. Respected neel sir,

      for mohini yantra 1, after i energize it and then travel on a bus to see the person i want to enchant, but in between i will meet 10s of people on the bus, so how is the yantra made specific for that one person otherwise everone on the bus will be enchanted

      thank you

    2. When you prepare the Yantra, you must be sure how you are making it for, that's all

  3. neel ji do we have to write the name of person below the yantra on whose name it is to be enchanted.

    1. There is no need to write the name of the person to be enchanted on the Yantra.

  4. Neel Ji can we use this yantra on our kids to control them
    please let me know

    1. Yes you can use the Mohini Yantra to bring your children under your control.

  5. Guruji, can the firts method be put in a taweez locket?

  6. What should one do for more than one person? Also is the effect temporary or lifelong?


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