Mantra to remove fear of fire

This is a Mantra to remove fear of fire. This mantra is for those people who suffer from a chronic and psychological dread and fear of fire. The mantra can also be practiced by those who have a genuine reason to be wary and afraid of fires; they can control the fire from spreading with the help of this mantra.

The Siddhi is to be gained in the Shishir Ritu as per the Hindu calendar. This is normally the period of 2 Hindu months of Magh and Phalguna; which normally falls in the period in between January and March.

For Siddhi the Mantra has to be chanted 10,000 times and to practice it to stop fire, fill both the palms with water and throw it in the fire while chanting the mantra.

Indian Occult Mantra Chant to remove fear of fire
 Mantra to remove fear of fire

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