Tip for every woman to feel young again

Some days back while I was reading an ancient Indian scripture, I chanced upon a simple, yet interesting remedy which is said to make every woman feel young again. This remedy which appears harmless and cost effective is also said to remove ailments related to the Breasts.

The Breasts in women are the one gland which is most affected by hormonal changes and the flow of testosterone. The Breasts which are an extension of the reproductive system in women also play a vital role in adding to the attractiveness in women. The other attributes are known by most readers; so no need to highlight them here.

Now the remedy – White Jasmine flowers have to be crushed to a pulp in the milk of a Black Cow and then this mixture has to be applied to both the Breasts. This can be done at bedtime or an hour before the morning bath. This remedy the text says is to be practiced for 40 days.

If you have some faith in traditional Indian remedies you can try this tip to feel young and increase your vitality levels.

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