Genetically pure humans in future

Another likely option, to be made available for genetically pure humans in the near future, (exploiting an advancing ability to select from our best natural genetic varieties), should be to select features, such as for having some of our best desired appearances. This too is of course affected by varieties in human genetics. E.g., this is what has long established our evolved varied racial appearances around the world, also differences between attractive females vs. males. These illustrate some natural evolved human varieties.

Human genetics had long produced many human evolved appearance differences from other primates. This was extensively studied, matching some versions of genes or their controlling chromosome special genetics sections with resulting appearance differences. Aspects of this got usefully well contrasted within some researched quite willing natural human big groups being much studied for their broad spectra of purely natural human genetic varieties.

One's face is of course controlled by one's developmental genetics. Gene versions were found helping give more attractive cuter faces for both sexes. And if enjoyably with a good friend, versions were also found tending to have one attractively smile not only more, but also to cutely appear more happily even deeply pleased. This tended to quietly nicely help support good lasting expanding friendships.

Thanks to our genetics, compared with other primates, humans had much more noticeable female breast volumes. Breasts matured extra well covered in most, with extra surface skin area beyond what was needed. Such expanding human breasts had evolved linked with male attraction, contributing to possible future matings. So over our past 100,000 years, [while light takes up to 120,000 years to cross our galaxy], human male sexual attraction to breasts had been growing, leading to more matings with those viewed by interested males as being more attractive, thanks to fuller more prominent breasts. Gradually that had kept evolving for humans this increasing difference from other primates.

Since we humans wear clothes often covering all but head, neck, lower legs and arms, plus hands, it then helped potential mothers to have become evolved to still show somewhat conspicuous breasts. This helpfully lets such decently dressed adult females still sneakilly have clearly noticeable this distinctive human female extra feature, able to capture good extra interest from our matured males. This informs many that some such females must be by-now well matured likely better for maybe engaging in sexual intercourse, (if not visibly growing too old). This had of course long been usefully sexually helpful, far back into prehistory, to most importantly (and enjoyably) help perpetuate our slowly evolving needfully wanted good successful primate species propogation.

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