Sensual evolution in future

Human chromosomes R&D (research & development) experts kept finding more genetic details associated with many aspects of our mammal body & brain developments. They had felt it should be nicest to include into moderns some of the best genetic versions beyond just what would give superior health. They had early been doing this some, such as trying what had seemed to contribute extra happy fun for more nice good daily living.

Also now being included for better moderns were genetic versions found to contribute at least better than average hearing, touch, vision, odor or taste identification, while sometimes being improved. Good music might become more easily heard better and enjoyed. Video entertainments might nicely present to new moderns more good useful visual fine details.

At the same time, some genetics were being found and improved to usefully helpfully slow cell aging in some places. Eventually, aging in maturing moderns might be nicely halted and then gradually reversed back to about mid 20s.

Well developed touch sensitivities could result in more favorable enjoyed responses from good massaging and gentle fond caressing, such as quite happily received maybe all over one's back. With a best modern companion, this should sometimes be nicer than maybe just sitting talking or maybe only watching TV together. It was good to let close fond relations often become enjoyably extra rewarding. Good to let moderns easily enjoy daily improved relaxed living more.

The DNA R&D experts improving moderns' genetics became able to usefully expand quite well our pleasures enjoyed from good caressing. Ancient evolution had most importantly long made responses extra well enjoyed from special caressing with a good mate, quite helpful for rewardingly keeping mammals sexually producing their needed new generations, sometimes yearly. Some genetic features were being found which resulted in maturing with above average good sensual sensitivity, sometimes also with wider covered expanded highly sensitive areas, for happily improved special useful rewarding stimulation given over one's most important special reproductive places.

It was much expected that, for "moderns", several living pleasures could be improved extra beyond old natural human limits. Why not? It seemed it should be good to let moderns repeatedly fondly enjoy private living pleasures extra well, especially when with a good mate. And then possibly a few more ordinary natural humans jealously detesting the few moderns, might instead sometimes come to at least somewhat wishfully envy moderns' ever improved better happy fond very healthy living. And then more folks might decide to do as needed to try to themselves gain such ever more improved very capable new future beloved young.

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