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Universe in early telescopes

There's an additional problem if proclaiming Sol is just some horizontal disk passing across our sky. This could argue that Sol must instead apparently be some sphere. Or defenders of ancient disk beliefs would have to claim that such a disk's facing directions must keep tilting all day to stay best facing us, before it disappears below our horizon for a half day, to then somehow reappear at our opposite horizon.

The old simple flat surface only Earth doctrine had more flaws. When early small telescopes were invented, early views began showing that we must be in much bigger space, reaching lots farther out above Earth than old trusted beliefs had previously allowed.

Galileo observed in his new made early telescope that Luna has surface features such as mountains and craters. This revealed Luna to be hugely bigger (and far more distant) than any old religious doctrines had dreamed of. He also viewed some planets (then called "wanderers" due to their motions relative to virtually all stars). Galileo discovered that Jupiter isn't just another (wandering) star point of light. He saw a fuzzy disk, like a sphere. He saw it had orbiting around it some star like points of light, some of its own moons. He wrote his discoveries into his famous book "The Stary Messenger".

Galileo also saw that Venus has cyclically varying appearance, between a crescent, of varying size and thickness, and then what looks like a more distant Solar lit planet sphere, which orbits back around farther behind Sol, relative to us. This says that, unlike the past theology belief doctrines, Earth isn't the center of our universe. Earth too must simply be a planet orbiting Sol!

Observed planet Saturn strangely showed 2 fuzzy sides (from its rings).

In 1620 Galileo's telescope revealed that our Milky Way is actually made up of a huge number of faint very distant stars.

In the 1780s, astronomer John Herschel began counting star densities observable across our Milky Way. He concluded it's a huge disk of stars likely orbiting around our galaxy center. Sol is then just another such orbiting ordinary star within the huge galaxy disk.

Over the middle of the next century, viewed "nebulae" were found to also be spiral galaxies. All this had kept revealing that Earth was nothing more than an insignificant spot in an immense universe, thus nothing like the center of everything, as had been proudly presented by earlier religious doctrines.

And also there was the time scale for all to have existed. Instead of maybe theology's pretended 3,000 years, it was over four million times greater than that little! Sol formed ~4,568 million years ago, over a million times greater than theological proclamations of when humans were created! So this leisurely gave plenty of time for evolution to have given rise to all varieties of evolved Earth life. No need then for some pretended only recent creation of all, as if done by some God (Allah, Jahveh).

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