Lucky Charm to find a dream husband

Chinese culture has its own unique charms, amulets and talismans. The Peony flower is considered as one such lucky charm; for a girl of the marriageable age, to find a good groom at the right age.

The Peony flowers are kept in main sitting room of the house; facing the South – West direction in a flower pot. The hanging of a picture or a photo of the Peony flower is also said to have the same effect in feng Shui. Along with this hanging a picture of a handsome and unmarried youth is also considered as a lucky charm for the young girl to find a husband of her dreams who loves her.

Chinese Occult Lucky Charm to find a dream husband
Peony Flower

But due care should be taken by married women in the family that the picture of the Peony flower should not be kept by married women in their bedrooms. This is so because it is said that the husband them becomes attracted towards other women and it would have an adverse effect on the married life of the couple.

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  1. Can it be also practised by a man to find dream wife?

    And if not, please can you suggest something similar for men too?

  2. Can it also be used by men to find their dream woman?

    1. This Charm is said to help a girl find her dream man. Men won't find the Charm Helpful.

  3. Neelji
    I am a firm believer of Hinduism and God... So naturally i believe in pooja jap tap mantra tantra yantra etc...
    I know lot of people doubt how much these mantras and charms will work but for sure these help a person who is stuck in troubles to sail through the bad phases of life and gives hope.
    In this kaliyug good people are generally hatassed and harmed and are being hurt. These methods along with the firm believe in God do help out such people.
    I dont know much about you but you noble work towards welfare of people speaks all about you.
    This painstakin work of creating such vast site to unconditionally helping out others is something not many does.
    I am sure that your hard work is making thousnds of people like me to sail through a very bad phase of life with hope and conviction.
    Aapko bohot bohot dhanyewaad aur naman..
    Mahadev aapko sadaiv prasann rakhain aur jis prakaar aap sabhi kp vipattiyon aur dukhon se baahar nikaalne kay liye kaaryerat hain, shiv shabhu aapko bhi samast vippatiyon aur dukhon se door rakhain...
    Om namah shivay

  4. Hello sir,
    Our house is small and full family resides at there,
    if i hang this picture, it will not effect on my parents life na?
    please help it out.

    1. That depends upon the nature of the people residing in the house, use the remedy if you have confidence in them.

    2. Guruji Mujhe Disa nahi Samaj rahimujhe South ki wall par hang karna rahega ya South facing (i.e. North Wall). Please Explain.

    3. Dear Sir,

      My Name is Jagruti Patel, BOD - 24th Feb 1990, time: - 5am. I have crush on one who is actor. Meri engagement ho chuki he Jatin Name ke ladke ke sath. mujhe unke sath shadi nahi karni he and agar ho sake to mujhe actor ke sath shad karni he. ye possible he kya? agar ha to mujhe uska upay dijiye. kyuki meri shadi ki date aa gayio he november 10 ko. to ye thoda jaldi hi karna hoga esa mujhe lagta he. and ha ye bhi ke ladka samne se hi shadi ke liye na bol de esa kuch upay batayega. Please mujhe unse koi lagav hi nahi ho paya he ab tak 2years hone ke bawajud. please help...

      Jagruti Patel

    4. The painting or photo should be hung facing the South - West Direction as clearly mentioned in the post.

  5. Namaskar Neel Sir
    Just out of logical curiosity, do the attraction mantras like vashikaran, mohini cast spell on person who is not in the 'known list' the other person has no clue I exist..
    I find it difficult to grasp as to how somebody unknown be bound by spell. Personally I feel the 'other'..has to be somebody within the circle of 'pehchan'.. the positive vibrations need a route to vibrate.

    1. There are some Vashikaran Experiments in which an unknown person can be brought under a spell if that person comes into contact with the practitioner who has used a Vashikaran Tilak, Anjan, Churna or any other Vashikaran Mantra infused object.
      However, all these Tantras require contact with the unknown person.

  6. Hello sir, meri shadi fix huyi he Nov me he shadi but mujhe wo nahi Karni. Actually ghar valo ke dabav me aake Mene shadi ke liye ha bola tha. But mujhe ye shadi nahi Karni. Ispe kuch sujav dijiye.

  7. Sir am staying in hostel I can't make it hang so I can keep it in my wallet pls suggest me n along with dis flower photo I can keep my lover photo to marry him soon pls suggest me

    1. This is a wall hanging, you can use is as mentioned in your hostel room and can add your boyfriends photo desired by you.


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