Charm for Epilepsy

This is a protective Charm for Epilepsy patients from the ancient Indian texts. The unfortunate person suffering from Epilepsy is prone to do some actions over which his mind has no control when a brain seizure takes place. This can be dangerous not only for the patient; but also others, who come in contact with him.

Whereas I do not promise that this Lucky Charm will cure him or reduce the seizures, you can try it for there are limited options. The Yantra has to be drawn on a Bhojpatra with Ashtagandha paste using a pointed stick of the Chameli [Jasmine] plant.

Then it has to be worshiped by offering it flowers and lighting incense. Then it has to be put on the person suffering from Epilepsy in a Locket made from silver, either on the forearm or neck.

The procedure given earlier in the post - Mantra for Epilepsy can also be tried.

Hindu Occult Healing Charm for Epilepsy
Charm for Epilepsy

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