Prophecy of great Leader of the World

Nostradamus describes a very powerful world leader sometime in the near future. The description given had been broadly interpreted by this site more than three years back as one which indicated THE THIRD ANTICHRIST.

The particular prophecy of Nostradamus “There will be a great freezing in the air and water. The one who they come to venerate on Thursday; will not be as fair as them” – Century 10 -71.

The freezing of the air and water indicates most likely the aftermath of a Nuclear War; the description of the nuclear winter, which appears on a world wide scale; suggests the end of the Battle of Armageddon; World War 3.

The all powerful “Dark Man” is a most tempting description of Barack Obama. If this prophecy is to be fulfilled in the near future, then presently Barack Obama is the only one who has that sort of power to wreck havoc; the only candidate for the title of World Leader.

This prophecy also speaks of “ Thursday” being the day visitors come to seek audience. Thursday is the “ Key” to this prophecy. It is a special or holy day of this World Leader. This I can’t link to Obama. Thursday is a day dedicated to “ Guru” in India and is one of the most revered days of the week for many.

However neither India nor any Indian leader qualifies if this prophecy is to be fulfilled in the near future, as India does not have that kind of military might. This probably if the leader is a Hindu and an Indian is a prophecy not for the near future. Again it is tempting to link this prophecy to the much awaited; tenth Avatar of Vishnu - Kalki Avatar.

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  1. How about the book The Great is one of the most read prophetic books that records the history of early Israelites to Dark Ages, Reformation and future cataclysmic events that not everyone knows..


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