Mantra for frustration

This is a mantra which I have recommended for those suffering from frustration. Frustration occurs due to a variety of reasons; the common ones being disillusionment and lack of success. A frustrated person may react by taking his anger on everything; or simply by going into his shell or even deep depression.

The mantra given here has been attributed to most Indian deities; you can chose your favored one and dedicate it to him or her. The meaning of this mantra is – I seek the refuge of the ONE who is the ultimate resting place of Beings.

This mantra has a soothing effect on the mind and the sub- conscious; the mind becomes relaxed and the pent up frustration is released. Those who do not understand or can pronounce Sanskrit can meditate on the meaning which I have given, it has the same effect.

Indian Mantra for removing frustration
Mantra for frustration

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