False Gods of Armageddon

It has been predicted by ancient prophets in the Old Testament that seven cycles will manifest themselves simultaneously; in the events preceding Armageddon. These are “false gods”, revolutions, wars, famines, the toxic atmosphere on earth, climate changes, natural disasters and plagues.

The prophecies of Nostradamus also speak prominently about the peaking of these frightening events. These events; are not something which are going to manifest out of the blue. They are the peaks of seven cycles which were set in motion since the beginning of Kali Yuga; it’s just that they are peaking now and simultaneously. This is the true world climax.

Most people will understand the last six; so let’s talk about the first one “false gods”. I was distressed to see that most commentators, inspired by religion have taken this to be occult, the paranormal and other related subjects like ESP and telepathy.

This is far from the truth, they quote the ancient prophets like Supreme Court judgments, forgetting they the ancient prophets, prophesied using occult techniques.

“False Gods” as prophesied by these ancient prophets are none other than the organized and man made religions of today. What these religions founded by man have achieved is to mutate the minds of their followers and create automation's. The mental evolution of the followers has come to a standstill, their mind have stopped expanding. This is due to the powerful programs which have enslaved their minds.

Most of the wars, bloodshed and strife which has been witnessed since the commencement of the Kali Yuga can be traced to these “false Gods”.

This site has over the past few years written time and again that the mind is such an instrument, that it cannot be confined and enslaved; it natural movement is upwards and expansion; if enslaved it mutates and becomes morbid.

This is what Mahatma Gandhi meant when he said that Hinduism is like the Ganga pure at its source; as it makes it way through the plains it gets polluted and then becomes pure once again as it merges with the ocean. The “false gods” have forgotten the basic laws of humanity.

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