Prediction of NATO Forces defeated

A Nostradamus prophecy which appears closely connected to the Battle of Armageddon; the third World War. There are two “Keys” in this Quatrain “the submerged island” and “the navel of the world”. The aimless army which is hastily mobilized and moves from Europe is most certainly the NATO Land Army along with it fleet; this is the fleet seen folding up it standard near the navel of the world.

Century – 2 -22.
Le camp Aso, d'Eurotte partira,
S'adioignant proche de l'isle submergee,
D'Arton classe phalange pliera.
Nombril du monde plus grand voix subroges.
The aimless army of Europe departs, and gathers itself near the submerged island. The fleet will bend the phalanx in the navel of the world, giving in to a greater voice.

There are many contenders for the title of the Navel of the world. However taking into consideration the Jewish origins of Nostradamus , it could be the Foundation Stone in Jerusalem which Jews all over the world face while offering their prayers. Jews believe that the Foundation Stone is the navel of the world.

The submerged island appears to be a country completed destroyed by nuclear weapons; a major military base in the Middle East. A lot of the Nostradamus prophecies appear closely interlinked to the futuristic events related to World War 3.

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