World War 3 comes suddenly

The world has over the centuries gone by witnessed great wars, but I am sure that the one described by Nostradamus in this prophecy is the biggest one; the one we are waiting for World Was 3. Nostradamus does not indicate in this prophecy who will start this war; but in the past interpretations,  I have made it clear that the World War 3 will be cause by American brinkmanship. Two major flash points are Iran and the much harped on encirclement of China.

Century – 1 - 91.
Les dieuz feront aux humains apparence
Ce qu'ils ѓeront auteurs de grand conflit.
Auant ciel veu ѓerein eѓpйe & lance :
Que vers main gauche ѓera plus grand afflit.
The gods will make it appear to mankind that they are the authors of a great war. Before the sky was seen to bee free of weapons and rockets: the greatest damage will be inflicted towards the left side.

If we study this prophecy it appears that World War 3 comes suddenly; out of the blue. The peaceful period is the one which we are going through at this moment of time; the minor conflicts in Afghanistan and elsewhere included.

Nuclear disarmament is the flavor of this period. However this will not last, the skies will be full of rockets[read nuclear missiles] placed in hostile positions.

The side on which the most damage is inflicted is the left side. This has been interpreted before commonly as being the communist world, with the decline of communism this explanation does not hold much water. The country which lies on the left side of the Globe is the USA according to me it is USA; on which the greatest damage will be inflicted.

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