Hanuman Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Hanuman Vashikaran mantra; this is a powerful Satvik Prayog [pure experiment] to attract one and all. This attraction mantra is a combination of Vashikaran and Mohini Prayog. First of all the Sadhak has to pray to Shri Ram and then pray to Hanuman in order to invoke him for the use of this mantra.

Then to use it chant the mantra 120 times and then go to a street corner near your home and pick up some dust and taking the dust in the palm of your right hand chant this mantra 7 times, to infuse the dust with the mantra and then blow the dust in all directions with your breath.

This Vashikaran experiment can be repeated everyday or whenever you wish to use it.

Hanuman Vashikaran Mantra for Love of Women
Hanuman Vashikaran Mantra

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  1. gugu ji please provide proper information to perform hanuman-vashikaran-mantra and for hanuman-karya-siddhi mantra. How to perform it, when we have to perform, and what are the things we have to use.

    Thanks in advance
    ID: akks09@ymail.com

  2. Everything is required in the post itself there is nothing else.

    1. I mean I want to know can we perform sadhna in morning after complete daily activities (bath), and start canting mantra in front of idol of Hanuman ji. Or is there any other particular time.

    2. There is no particular time you can start if you wish after your morning bath in frot of an idol or photo of Hanuman.

  3. will this mantra be valid for only one day or its a permanent effect...coz it is mentioned that " u can use it whenever u wish or everyday... wanna know how long it will have its effect once done.....

    1. The Vashikaran Mantra is effective for one day.

  4. Dear Neel sir can we bring the dust near home from street corner and do the prayig or it has to be done standing at street corner.

    1. The actual Vashikaran experiment of chanting the mantra 7 times and blowing the dust has to be done in a street corner as explained above.


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