Yantra - Mantra for Bandhya Dosha

This is a specific Yantra and mantra Sadhana invoking Shiva as the only savior of the unfortunate woman suffering from Bandhya Dosha. Bandhya Dosha is the incapability of a woman to conceive a child.

The yantra has to be prepared on Bhojpatra with the ink of Gorochan and then it has to be offered incense of Guggulu [both these items are easily available in stores selling Ayurveda or pooja items].

The Shiva Mantra has to be chanted 108 times before and after preparing the Yantra. Then the Yantra has to be put in a Silver Locket and put around the neck of the woman who is incapable of conceiving a child.

Please keep in mind that the rest is up to Shiva to do what is best for you. The Shiva mantra is advised to be chanted 108 times daily.

Hindu Yantra for Bandhya Dosha
Yantra for Bandhya Dosha
Hindu Mantra Chant for Bandhya Dosha
Mantra for Bandhya Dosha

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