Shakti Mantra for Intuition

This is a Shakti mantra to elevate the Chetna [the deepest life forming consciousness] in the human body to its higher level of functionality. The Shakti mantra is a devotional mantra for the Bhakti of the Universal Mother Goddess in some of her more visible primordial forms or manifestations. The only movement of pure Bhakti is towards it source and this is what this mantra aspires to do.

As seen in this mantra the Bhakt invokes the divine mother as Bhagwati Rajrajeshrari and the various Universal manifestations as Mahakali, Mahalaxmi , Mahasaraswati, Annapurna and Ambe Mata to rise within his being.

The root sounds to heighten the functioning of the seven Chakras and to elevate the Kundalini Shakti are also contained in this Shakti Mantra. The deepest levels of the Sub- Consciousness are the source of all intuition, this is where intuition arises.

Indian Shakti Mantra for Intuition
Shakti Mantra for Intuition

The mantra can be chanted for one Mala or 108 chants daily.

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  1. Sir I started chanting this mantra in navrtra 2 and day onwards but didnt say the word sagarthir ,so will this give work or has some other effects and how many days we must say and what time please let me know.thank you.waiting for your reply..

  2. Is there any Mastery [Siddhi] Procedure for this mantra ? If yes, then could you give it please ? Just wanted to notify u that my experience with this mantra is marvellous.

    Any help regarding this mantra's mastery would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Sir.

  3. Please do not do this mantra without guru this mantra requires guru and it is only done in bramha murat before that you should do gayatri mantra and wear clean white cloths after taking bath . Means bramha murat start at 3:00 am to 6:00 am in three hours you have done this sadna but all you need is guru for marga darshan so please do not do this sadna because it is to much powerful

  4. Hello do you have more info about this mantra. This mantra is also for kundalini arising?


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