Nostradamus and interpretation of the Olympic games 2012 saga

This post about the Nostradamus prophecy on the London Olympics Games 2012 is an interesting contribution by Mrs. Meyer.

"The year of the great seventh number accomplished it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter. Not far from the great Millennial age, when the buried will go out of their tombs."

This is how I see this.

Everything that is said over here has happened already but, it appears at the time of the Games of Slaughter. A realization.

The games of slaughter started 2001? Then Iraq, Libya, Syria?

Now the flexing of muscles are taking place all over the globe as the USA is provoking all countries, who resulted in their sick condition due to going to bed with the false prophet 666 originally, and they and others are at sea and on land playing war games before the onslaught.

In the world onslaught the great mistake will be realized and it will be too late, the earth is destroyed by an Act of God in order to save it, the whole earth gets burnt to cinders, and a new world begins on planet earth where the King of Kings leads it during the 1000 years, during which time the world is rebuilt by God's saints.

The great seventh number is not 7 billion people, it is something else that has been blocked from the public by the false prophet 666, keeping people deceived, it is the very thing that is the people's lifesaver and lifeline. Because it was blocked, most people are lost!

But those who were wise, investigated and discovered it, and it was a secret but now it is no longer a secret. Those who have it are killed for it but the killing serves no purpose, the flesh dies and the spirit lives.

The spiritual oil and wine meaning a whole and undamaged potent spirit and wheat meaning spiritual food to keep you spiritually alive, resulting in original thought and don't need to be prescribed to as the world has become. I.e. fully grown up spiritually as a person. Democracy was and is a disguised trap, 'the will of the people" impotent and dead, whereas it is, "the will of God for the people", potent and alive.

The living spirit whose flesh died have been raised from their graves, the dead spirit whose flesh died are not raised, but will be raised after the 1000 years to be judged by God.

The people of the world got lost as the spiritual food provided was blocked from the human race through wars and propaganda for nearly 2000 years and this will be realized during the great tribulation on earth and it will be too late, which was unnecessary had the spiritual food not being blocked, the wine, oil and the wheat.

The living dead will realize they were deceived when the time is accomplished of the mighty and potent 'number 7' which is knowledge and information held back from the public, and it will show itself during the games of war, when Israel is purged, and other middle east countries are purged, and the evil will rejoice about it, and thereafter action is taken supernaturally as the job was not finished and it has to be finished, the earth is annihilated due to the evil by mankind like it was in Noah's day ! Removed from the presence of God no matter who you are.

The great seventh number is found in the palm of the hand by the One who is holding it, the palm contains seven stars, and they have all already been and the seventh one is accomplished when the whole world realizes they were deceived by the false prophet 666, which has been the Popes all along! The great purple curtain, far more dangerous than the iron curtain, Russia and far more dangerous than the bamboo curtain, China.

The true vine of Christianity came through the mighty seven stars in the hand that ordained them and He, The Great Almighty, is controlling everything, the earth and the whole universe!

"Christianity" was the great farce that lead people into destruction, while had people been wise while the call was made and enough time was given, it would have saved them. No one can say they never knew. 2000 years of Divine Grace was given to all.

I don't think this paragraph has got any thing to do with the London Olympics Games 2012, all the hype about it is causing a situation that invites terror as the terrorists sees this hype as ridiculous and will make the fears come alive as it has become an invitation to a non existent challenge a terrorist cannot resist to made a double fool out of the west.

The whole world can see the desolation of abomination, meaning it cannot be repaired, the insanity of same sex couples, jihad and praying to dead spirits for example, the world of sin ends.

Nostradamus was not one of the stars in the palm of the hand of The Great One.

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