Saraswati Mantra for Composers

This is a Saraswati Mantra to enhance the creative and imaginative skill of composers of poetry, authors, those composing scripts for movies and plays, as also all those engaged in composing creative works.

This Mantra promises to increase the inborn skills of these people if chanted 100,000 times in a total period of 10 days, at the rate of 10,000 chants per day.

Goddess Saraswati Mantra Chant for Composers
Saraswati Mantra for Composers

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  1. Sir I appreciate your efforts for injecting so much of information in this website ,I have a sincere request to you since corruption has gone out of control in india please recommend some mantras to recite on the people who forcefully take bribe from us, let the bribe given from us destroy those people who are in the wrong path

  2. Neelji
    How to pronounce dogha ?
    Like swaha ? Please help because i dont Know hindi

    1. I am a musician.

      If you do not answer, I consider pronunciation as for swaha so doghaa

      Om aaim hreem aaim hreem doghaa swaha.

    2. Dogh should be the right pronunciation, while writing in English the wordings could be different.

    3. OK thank you like the mantra : another :om aim hreem aim hreem dosh swaha


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