Prediction of devastating famine in India

Just a few days back this site has posted an article about the prophecies regarding collapse of governance in India. At the time of writing this article the Anna Hazare agitation is going nowhere. The health of some of Team Anna’s members on fast; notably Arvind Kejriwal is deteriorating. The looters will not relent, they will force Team Anna to withdraw the agitation; the only other option left is to fast until death. The sparse crowds and the pathetic crowd response at Mumbai are responsible for this.

A significant development is the collapse of the Northern Grid and over half the population of India facing a blackout; the biggest power failure in the history of the world. Power blackouts are here to stay; they will only increase in intensity. Is this another sign of the total collapse of governance in India?

There is a drought like situation which is developing due to delay in the monsoon rains; the starvation deaths are on the rise; news about farmer suicides is all over the national news. The fourth sign of the events preceding Armageddon is a huge famine.

The famine will be widespread and devastating; if one looks at the description given by Nostradamus “The great famine which I see approaching will appear in different areas; then become worldwide. It will be on such a wide scale and last for such a long time that the roots of trees will be grabbed from trees and children from breasts” The last few words are most horrifying; will people become cannibals to save their skins.

This is a Nostradamus prophecy of a global famine; India will only be a part of it. Yet considering the population of India; it is likely to be the worst hit.

The Prophecies regarding the collapse of governance, collapse of the financial markets, collapse of power and famine are all interconnected. These will occur simultaneously; then every man for himself. I do not wish to sound frightening, but this is what I have gathered from the prophecies which I have decoded.

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