Mabus is the man identified in the prophecies as the one who heralds in death, destruction and war of an intensity never before in the history of the world. The assassination of Mabus is the spark which will ignite and trigger off the battle of Armageddon; World War 3.

Mabus is that world leader who is expected to achieve something spectacular in his life time; yet he is the one that lives or rules for a short period of time. His death is what will cause havoc as never witnessed before in the history of the world.

This has led to a lot of speculation as to the identity of Mabus; whether the name Mabus is an anagram, a code or a real name. This has been attributed to a lot of world leader; famous and infamous. Many of those who were identified as Mabus are now dead or irrelevant; so the search for Mabus is still on.

This site has decoded some prophecies of Nostradamus which could be descriptive of Mabus and has decided to intensify the search to find the identity of this elusive personality who is fated to become the heralder of destruction.

Suggestions and feed back are invited from readers; so that the real identity of this enigma is known.

These are some of the articles published over the past three years; hopefully more will be added. I f you wish to contribute you are most welcome to do so through the Contact Form provided.

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  1. The next anti- Christ is not mabus..he is muhamud Ghajini the same ruthless conquer whose soul has incarnated again around the regions of Iran. He is known by another name and He will inspire the rising hordes of Islam. He lurks in the back ground awaiting his rise to power. The death of this man mabus may well be his opportunity to play the jihad card.


  3. The name “Obama” is pronounced “oubama” or “Ubama” in Africa. That gives us “maabu”. Follow Nostradamus’ law of anagram and replace one redundant letter with one new letter to finish the puzzle. Thus, “ma(a)bu” becomes “mabu”, becomes Mabu(s) becomes “Mabus.”

  4. MABUS is MBS, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The antichrist is Imran Khan, President of Pakistan. He scored 666 goals in world cup cricket which brought him to fame. He also has pictures with blue hair, graduated from oxford in England, and meets numerous other Nostradamus predictions for the antichrist. And, look was at Putin's side when Russia launched the invasion into Ukraine

  5. Mabus seems to be a title meaning Boss


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