Serving robotic devices for Sexual Pleasure

Continual improvements in robotic devices had nicely kept suggesting and then permitting greater improvements for ever more helpful serving devices for homes in the high orbiting settlements. Miniaturization of components let many robotic devices be made efficiently smaller. Older versions then kept getting improved or replaced. New sometimes quite small useful robotic serving devices also got invented with improved more complex computerized mental functions.

Thanks to past serving robotic devices, folks in the high orbiting settlements had extra free time they were happy to devote to more improvements for future serving robots. What they devised might help make daily living ever easier up here, in contrast to traditional living on Earth. (Some folks on Earth stayed opposed against much use of advanced robotic devices, since they could effectively steal some work away from workers needing salary earning life supporting traditional jobs. But in fact humans had long liked taking advantage of new devised equipment to make past living ever easier, as most all wanted.)

Many things wanted up here, such as food supplies and manufactured products, were regularly picked up and delivered home by quiet serving robots. Thus settlers didn't have to go out very often for much of that. They could stay relaxed at home, sometimes working on assigned subtasks, or often enjoying free time with friends, maybe frequently sharing in playing & various entertainments.

Efficiently smaller robotic devices took care of nicely cleaning, preparing, and cooking food. Food was then robotically served. Dishes etc. would later be robotically quietly collected, cleaned, then put away. Serving robots cleaned floors, furniture, etc. They washed clothes etc. They kept daily living more nicely relaxed, free from many boring old traditional repeated chores.

Parents of the few "moderns" secretly up here were more female than male, (due to more killings down on Earth of the more publicly conspicuous most violently hated male workers creatively involved with any of this, while of course only the less conspicuous quiet females had been able to secretly give birth to new improved baby "moderns"). Also many moms had been choosing to have more daughters, partly since moms may enjoy daughters more, but also since of course only daughters could later develop the needed future babies to keep moderns surviving and advancing. Up here they had still tended to usefully produce more genetically improved "modern" daughters than sons.

A fun idea got spread among them: new robots had become so increasingly good and capable that they should be quite able to nicely operate well a good sized nice sexual pleasure stimulating vibrator. No problem. Serving robots quietly did as told, then quickly modified and revised as asked. Many trying this much enjoyed the (often nicely orgasmic) results. Far better than the past miserable struggles of some of them to survive back on Earth!

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