Lucky Charm for Power

Most common folks in past as well as in the present period of time have to sometime or the other in their lifetimes have to win the favors of an influential or powerful person. The influential person may be a Lawmaker, Judge, Banker or a Big Money Businessman. Its favors of such people who hold the strings is what the common man depends upon for his existence; sad but true.

If you are in the middle of such a sorry state of affairs then here is an Indian Lucky Charm to influence power which promises to win the favor of the person in power and get your work done.

This Lucky Charm is a Yantra that has to be prepared on a Bhojpatra. It has to be written with a mixture of Kesar [Saffron], Gorochan, Red Sandalwood and some blood from the Ring Finger of your hand. After preparing this Charm you have to worship it by offering it flowers, incense and lighting an oil lamp.

Then to use it you have to hold it in the fist of your right hand while meeting or speaking to the person in power. This is said to bring that powerful person under your spell and ensure that your work in done. In the center is where you write the name of that person who you are going to interact with.

Hindu Occult Lucky Charm for Power
Lucky Charm for Power

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  1. Is there any manthra to read others mind or to know waht they are thinking abt us......


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