The two quatrains given below describe a great famine on a Global scale of a magnitude the like of which has not been witnessed before. Nostradamus says that this famine will begin in various places, and then become worldwide. The magnitude will be so great that food supply will dry of completely and people will be forced to eat grass and the branches of trees.

Kindly note the use of the words’ ‘air vent floor" in the second quatrain, this is a recent invention, which regulates atmospheric control in commodity storage buildings where air flow floor vents are installed to control flow and circulation of air or atmosphere from under-floor plenums via vents around fruits, vegetables and food grains , stored on concrete or other floors following harvest and until sale and or processing.

Nostradamus says that there will be such a scarcity of wheat amongst other food grains that the prices of wheat will sky rocket, this massive price rise is compared to high pipe of the ''air vent floor".

I see a striking resemblance between these two quatrains and those which I have mentioned in NOSTRADAMUS COMING REVOLUTION, the intensity of the famine will be greater in the more populous countries, where there is wide spread corruption and political decay. This will result in political collapse, and lawlessness.

La grand famine que ie ѓens approcher!
Souuent tourner, puis eѓtre vniuerѓelle :
Si grande & longue, qu'on viendra arracher
Du bois racine, & l'enfant de mamelle.
The great famine which I sense approaching will often turn (in various areas) then become world wide. It will be so vast and long lasting that (they) will grab roots from the trees and children from the breast.

La voix ouye de l'insolit oyseau,
Sur le canon du respiral estage :
Si haut viendra de froment le boisseau,
Que l'homme d'homme sera Antropophage.
The voice of the rare bird heard, On the pipe of the air-vent floor: So high, will the bushel of wheat rise, That man will be eating his fellow man.

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  1. Great post. Hasn't it already begun? Interestingly, the famine and lack of food could be inextricably connected to man's need for oil and producing corn for ethanol rather than for food.


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