Nostradamus on Future of Nehru Gandhi Dynasty

All the prophecies and predictions whether relating specifically to India or the World interpreted by me and published on this site are interpreted in a non partisan and impartial manner without any kind of personal bias or prejudice towards any person, nation, race, creed or religion.  Some years back, I was the first to relate a particular Quatrain of Nostradamus as a prediction as one, which was descriptive of Sonia Gandhi and the political situation prevailing in India.

As is the case, I normally keep a close watch over the various prophecy interpretations to see if they are on the right course towards fulfillment.  In the article on Nostradamus and Sonia Gandhi, which can be seen – Here, in simple terms, I had meant that “On hearing about the news that her son is in trouble, the Saintly Widow [Sonia Gandhi] will show excess courage and take on the Shaven Heads [opponents] and those in charge of resolving the differences will instead increase the disputes”

What we are witnessing today is that for the first time in the history of Independent India, the Indian National Congress [Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty] has limited influence on Indian politics and is rapidly on the decline. The political fights/disputes that are being witnessed in and outside the Indian Parliament lately are largely being fought to protect the influence of the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty and to save it from becoming history.  The opponents of the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty will surely strive to remove/ reduce/ minimize the influence generated by the countless memorials/ foundation/ schemes/ landmarks like roads and airports/ all kinds of awards etc. named after Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi and also the countless historical and educational references to the Dynasty to minimize the presence of the Dynasty in the public-eye.

It is largely Sonia Gandhi who has assumed the mantle of protecting the Dynasty and is calling the shots as the image of Rahul Gandhi has taken a beating. This fight from survival is likely to escalate as disruption of everything without reason in Parliament will obstruct the development plans of the government and they along with the Bharatiya Janata Party, the RSS and its associated right wing organizations will have no option but to fight back.

The only single point agenda of Sonia Gandhi is to do everything to ensure the survival of the Dynasty. It has to be seen whether the fight to save the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty from becoming history will cross the point of no return and who it will affect the current and the near future political situation in India.  I will be watching this space very closely in the days to come.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how this one pans out.In my view currently there are too many forces working against Mr.Modi within the society including the opposition.

    Currently I see the opposition especially Sonia Gandhi party are covering up their tracks by mere politicising of every event and thus earning people's trust (In my opinion) still however how the course of events will go from here remains to be seen.

    1. Mr. Modi is left with no option but to act otherwise the Status-Quo forces cutting across party lines will prevail in derailing his Vikas Plans.

    2. True Sir, this will make him more dedicated to the development and continuously monitoring the implementation of reforms.
      If carried out in such a way through the five-year term I am sure we will have a very clear view of Gandhi Dynasty future by then.


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