Vashikaran By Paan Yantra

Vashikaran By Paan is a most famous and popular method of putting a Vashikaran Voodoo Spell over any person for love or business by infusing the Paan with a special Vashikaran Mantra or Yantra. The Paan is a special Indian Mouth Freshner, which is normally chewed after meals. In this post, I have described a Vashikaran By Paan Yantra Experiment, which is extremely simple and easy to follow and perform.

The Paan VashikaranYantra shown by me in the image has to be drawn on the Paan [Betel leaf] with Katha [Catechu] using a pointed wooden stick. This has to be done before filling the Betal leaf with the necessary ingredients, which are usually used in the preparation of a Paan, like Supari, Chuna, Gulkand or Desiccated Coconut.  To put an Occult Attraction Spell on a person known to eat Tobacco Paan, tobacco can be used to prepare the Paan.

The after preparing the Paan, it should be worshipped and offered Dhoop and Diya and then given to the man or woman who is desired to be put under the Occult Enchantment Spell.

Note- Not in a position to vouch for the success or failure of this Vashikaran Totka, as I have not witnesses it being tested by any person.

Vashikaran By Paan Yantra a Occult Voodoo Spell using Betel leaf
Vashikaran By Paan Yantra

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