Indian Turti Tantra to stop Nightmares

In this post, I am describing an Indian Occult experiment using the Turti or Alum Crystal to stop frightening nightmares. This Tantra is practiced by some Tantrics to treat people complaining of recurring bad dreams. The paranormal experiment is simple and easy to practice and the specific method of practicing the ritual is given below.

A small rock of Turti should be taken and held in the right hand and infused with the Gayatri Mantra by chanting the Mantra 11 times. The Gayatri Mantra can be seen - Here

The Turti should then be wrapped in a piece of white cloth along with the Yantra shown by me in the image. This Yantra, which increases the power and potency of this paranormal ritual, should be drawn on a white paper with black ink. Then the cloth bundle containing the Turti and the Yantra should be kept under the pillow of the person suffering from nightmares.

Indian Voodoo Spell Turti Yantra to stop Nightmares
Turti Yantra to stop Nightmares

This is all that has to be done for performing this Totka, which is a Satvik [Pure] Sadhana as it uses the Gayatri Mantra, which is one of the most revered and sacred of the Hindu devotional Mantras.

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