Mantra Therapy For Treating ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder affects Millions of children each year, the exact cause of this disorder are still unknown. I periodically get mail from readers requesting for any kind of alternative remedy such as mantra-tantra-yantra therapy for treating their children, mostly boys who diagnosed as suffering from ADHD. One such letter is published below.

Dear Sir,
I would like to ask u if there is any remedy for curing attention disorders such as ADD (Attention Deficiency Disorder) /ADHD (Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder) this is a condition in which a person is not able to concentrate at all and he feels restless and hyper all the time. Many people from around the world are suffering because of ADHD. They have trouble while studying or are unable to work efficiently. I request u sir, please if u come across any cure or remedy, please post it on your site. It will be a huge contribution on your path to your readers. The remedy may be ayurvedic, homeopathic, mantra or even spiritual. Please tell us sir, if there are any mantras –tantras to cure the same.
This is from a very avid reader of your site who starts his day by opening
Please help.

Even though, there are no specific Mantras, Yantras or Spells to get relief from ADHD, in my opinion, the disorder is directly connected to the Chakra System in the human body. Some people connect ADHD with disorders in the Muladhara [Root] and Swadhisthana [Sacral] Chakras, which are the two lower Chakras; however, in opinion ADHD is connected to the Sahasrara [Crown] Chakra. The ADHD disorder is likely to manifest due to a malfunctioning of this Chakra.

Healing of the Sahasrara Chakra is likely to give good results in making ADHD subside, however, extreme caution should be maintained in treating children and even adults as sudden activation of the Kundalini Chakras of those not prepared is most unadvisable. This is the reason why according to me it is unadvisable to chant any Kundalini Mantra for balancing the Crown Chakra.

As the major need of people suffering from ADHD is to find an outlet for excess energy, devotional meditation upon any devotional mantras of Shiva. Vishnu, Ganesha or any other preferred Hindu deity is certain to give positive results. When feeling restless the preferred mantra can be chanted until the restlessness subsides. The diversion of the pent up energy towards the mantras is sure to not only enhance the brain and mental capacity but also develop other creative skills in the chanter of the Mantra.

Cultivating the habit of meditating upon uncomplicated and simple, yet most powerful mantras like Om Namah Shivaya or Om Gam Ganapataye Namah will be most beneficial in getting relief from ADHD.

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  1. We must find a spiritual remedy for treating adhd completely.This is my frank opinion.This is because research showed that adhd is prevalant among people who are extremely intelligent.Only very intelligent people have this problem.People with special talents and intelligence.Adhd is probably Gods way of balancing nature and people.(if you know what I mean)


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