Hindu Stotras to Resolve Debts

Apart from the numerous Mantras, Yantras and the various Tantras and Totke for resolving debts, the reading of certain Stotras and other compositions of some Hindu Deities are known to give extremely beneficial output to the devotee.  Most of the Stotras were composed by enlightened and highly evolved souls and hence their words are always live, vibrant in the atmosphere, and known to attract most powerful vibrations.  There are also those Stotras, which are believed to be of divine origin or put into the written form where the composer was the recipient of divine instructions.

I am getting many queries from y readers and subscribers to list of all those Stotras or other Hindu prayers, which help and aid the devotee in resolving all kinds of debts, including freedom from loans from banks and other financial institutions.

I have composed a list of nine Stotras, which are believed to give most beneficial results in resolving debt and money related issues. This is based upon the positive experience of many devotes and sincere Hindus in resolving the debt issues which I have mentioned above. The Stotras given below are not lengthy and easily available in most languages on the net or in shops selling Hindu religious material.

Runamochak Mangal Stotra
Venkatesh Stotra
Shiv Kavach
Shri Suktam
Mahalaxmi Ashtakam
Mahalaxmi Kavacham
Navnath Bhaktisar Adhyay Two[second chapter]
Ganesha Kavacham
Karunatripadi of Guru Dattatreya

It is more than sufficient to chant any one of the nine Stotras, which I have mentioned above. The best timings for the chanting of the selected Stotra is early in the morning, Brahmamuhurta is the best timing.  If unable to chant during the Brahmamuhurta, then early in the morning after a bath or at dusk time, during the evening is the preferred timing.

If a woman is doing the chanting, then the days of the Monthly Cycle should be avoided.

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