Hindu Devta Mantra for Enemy Destruction

This is according to me a super powerful mantra for enemy destruction as it invokes three most powerful Hindu deities Kali Mata, Bhairava and Durga Mata. This experiment is Tamas Guni and most fearsome and should only be conducted by the highly advanced Aghori Sadhu , Tantrik or Yogi. Nevertheless, I will explain the Shatru Maran Tantra in this post.

The Siddhi Sadhana
On any Saturday, the practitioner should visit a Hindu Smashan Bhoomi at night, around midnight. There he has to remove all his clothes and sit down completely naked before a burning funeral pyre and start chanting the Maran Mantra given here continuously, till just before Sunrise. Then at Sunrise he has to Bow and offer his prayers to the funeral pyre and pick up some of the  ash from the pyre and bring it home.

A Hindu mantra spell invoking Gods to destroy enemies
Hindu Devta Mantra for Enemy Destruction

The ShatruMaran Prayog
The practitioner has to pick up some of the mud from where  the enemy has stood and mix the ash with it along with some Yellow Colored Mud and a little bit of water to prepare a thick mixture.
Then he has to make a doll from the mixture.
Then has to keep this doll on lit coals and cover it with some more coals.
After doing this, he has to keep chanting the Shatru Maran Mantra given here.
The Maran Tantra says that as the doll starts getting heated, the enemy will experience high fever and will ultimately be destroyed.

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  1. Hi sir, Im Hema from Malaysia I always browse into your website to learn abt mantras for certain purpose. Sir, recently my 11 years old son has involved in a school fight as there are 2 boys are constantly disturbing him through bullies and pyhsical fights. He is now scared to go to school as their parents are also equally picking a fight with us. This is going on for the past 10 days and none of us in the family peace now. Can you recommend remedies to stop these fellows. At times i feel like getting help from any one who can do witchcraft to stop them. But again i feel its not a good act. please advise me on this. Tq

    1. There are many such remedies given on this site- if you wish you can try the remedy given here- http://www.prophet666.com/2016/05/rock-salt-evil-eye-diagnosis-and.html

  2. My mother is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease. Is there any Maha Vis hnu Mantra to help regain her kidney function. She has undergone her first haemodialysis yesterday ie 25th May, 2018.

    1. Kindly search the health, vishnu and shiva mantra section as there are many mantras posted there.

  3. Sir I lost my relation of 7years..about 2.5years ago and since then I'm distructed by all the prespority of my life.Also to inform you that the mother of the girl and some social people did some tantrik acts to do such.
    Now I only want back the prespority and wellness of my life back to make the life on natural track again.so please helpe with your worthful suggestions.

  4. iwould appreciate any suggestions to help me recover from paralysis due to stroke.thank you


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