Islamic Vashikaran Yantra Tantra Prayog

This is an Islamic Vashikaran Spell Experiment using a Muslim Naqsh and a specified procedure to put under an attraction spell any person with whom the practitioner is in love with, be it a man or a woman. The Vashikaran Yantra and the Tantra works for both the sexes.

In this post, I will explain how this spell is conducted to enchant any man or woman. Firstly, the practitioner should prepare the Naqsh as shown in the image on a clean white piece of paper. He should use a paste of Kasturi and Kesar [Musk Powder and Saffron] as the ink and a pointed wooden stick as the pen.

Then the practitioner should draw a round circle on the ground with a stick, dig a little portion of the ground inside the circle, bury the prepared Yantra inside the dug portion, and then cover it with the mud.

An Islamic Attraction Naqsh for putting a Spell on anyone
Islamic Vashikaran Yantra 

After this, the practitioner should hammer two Iron Nails in the ground above the place where the Yantra is buried. While the practitioner in hammering the Nails he or she should keep chanting Yaa Budoohu – Yaa Budoohu.

This concludes the Islamic Vashikaran Yantra Tantra Prayog. This is said to be a one-time experiment.

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  1. Where is the name of the target written.?

  2. If the lover stays in a different city still it will work is it?? Plz confirm

  3. Where do you write the name of the person? If Naqsh you also have to write the name of mother. Please clarify. Thanks!

  4. Where do we write the name of the person? Thanks!

    1. There is no need to write the name of the person, in your mind you know for whom you are preparing the Yantra.

  5. Thank you Sir. What if you make it for someone else can we write the name on the back?

    1. As said earlier there is no need to write the name.

  6. The catch here is the 'musk powder', not obtainable.

    1. Musk is very expensive and you should not purchase it unless you are certain that it is genuine, there is every chance of being cheated.

    2. Yes Neel Sir, I might add Gorocharan also has high chances of being impure.


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