Home Remedies using Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds and Mustard Oil, apart from their traditional use in cooking are also used in some traditional home remedies, which are practiced in India. In this post, I have given some selected simple home remedies using the Mustard Seeds, for treating common ailments.

Mustard Seeds are soaked in water, then removed from the water, the excess water is drained and the seeds are kept for drying. When they become dry, they are grounded to prepare a paste, the paste is then stored in a glass bottle. This paste is applied over the paining areas as a home remedy to ease joint pain.

Mustard Seeds are useful for getting relief from cough and colds, a simple home remedy practiced in India is to crush the Mustard Seeds and mix them with honey and then consume.

A mixture of grounded Mustard Seeds, honey and clarified butter is used as a remedy to kill worms, which have infected wounds, by applying it over the wounds. The same mixture is vigorously blended and used as a home remedy, to remove a thorn, which has entered the skin, by applying it over the affected body part.

A mixture of grounded Mustard Seeds and Pure Cow Ghee [pure and unadulterated clarified butter of a cow] is used as a traditional Indian remedy to treat Vitiligo and skin infection, including fungal and bacterial. This mixture has to be applied over the affected body parts.

Mustard Oil massage is believed to be useful in treating paralysis. It is also believed to be useful in inducing heat in persons whose body has become cold due to fever or cold by applying it on the feet.

About 5 grams crushed Mustard Seeds and 5 grams of Salt are boiled together in a glass of water and then consumed to induce vomiting in persons who are suffering from poisoning. Mustard Seeds are crushed in water and soaked, then removed and applied over the stomach as a home remedy to stop vomiting.

Note – This article is written solely for the purpose of imparting knowledge and not to induce anyone to use the remedies given in this article.

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