Remedy to keep Laxmi Stable

A paranormal remedy to stop excessive or wasteful expenditure and rapid outflow of money from your home is given here. This remedy is also known as the Totka to stop Laxmi from leaving your home or the Laxmi Sthir Totka; remedy to keep Laxmi stable.  No mantra chanting of any kind or specific Puja is required.

On a Thursday in the morning after completing the essential chores and having a bath, take some Yellow Mustard Seeds and wrap them in a piece of paper. Then keep this wrapped piece of paper under the pillow you use while sleeping.

Let these wrapped seeds remain their till the next coming Thursday. Then in the morning remove them from under the pillow and do an Utara by rotating the wrapped seeds over your head in a clockwise direction.

This done go to a street corner, where four roads meet and throw the wrapped seeds. The Yellow Mustard Seeds have to be kept wrapped, till you finally throw them. Then come back to your home and while coming back don’t look over your shoulder.

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  1. Hi.. do we have to do this weekly or once done is it enough?

  2. o thats great Sir, LOVE YOU!!!!!

  3. Dear Sir,
    Is it ok if we are sleeping on floor at night with the pillow?

  4. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your reply.
    The utara which we have to do can v do it ourselves or we have to tell somewhere to do?

  5. Dear Sir,
    Is it fine if we go for some other work after throwing on four roads instead of home?

  6. pranam guruji
    is it ok i threw seeds at corner of four ways finaly by unwraped the seeds.pls sir reply

  7. Dear Sir,

    As u have posted about remedies to attract sudden money , if we cant effort for silver locket what to do because i have that root and rosary pea but i cant effort for silver locket

    1. Use a Stainless Steel one, instead of the Silver Locket.

  8. Do you unwrap it before throwing? Thanks!

  9. dear sir,
    just want to clear the confusion the mustard seed can i do this remedy or my husband need to do, because he is the head of the house hold and i dont work.pls help..................

  10. dear sir, i mean can i put under my pillow the seed or my husband has to put mustard seed under his pillow...thanks you sir

  11. Dear Sir

    I am working in night shift. So it will be ok that i follow the remedy starts from Thursday morning..

    Please suggest

    1. Yes, the remedy is specifically to be performed on a Thursday morning as mentioned in this article.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hi guru hope you are fine! I'm a transport contractor and supplier. I want to get some contract from the companies so is there any kind if mantra or some other methods. Thanks

  14. Dear Neelji, should we unwrapp the seeds at chauraha and then throw them OR just them wrapped in papper as it is?

    1. You can keep the wrapped paper at the Chauraha, there is no need to remove them from the paper and throw them.

  15. Namaskar Sir
    Kindly let us know how many times is the Utara to be done around the it has not been mentioned are we to understand as just one rotation around the head?
    Thank you.

    1. The Utara should be done once with full faith and conviction.

  16. Respected sir, while keeping the mustard seed under the pillow for one week, can i live a normal life (... with wife and non-vegeterian food) or I should maintain bramacharyam.

    1. You should refrain from non-veg food and relations with your wife on the first and concluding day of this Laxmi remedy.
      The rest of the week you can lead your normal life.

    2. Thank you very much with due respect sir.


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