Yogic Tantra for Positive start to the Day

There is an interesting Yogic Tantra to get a good a positive start to every new day. This Tantra is based upon the Indian science of breathing; as highlighted in the ancient texts of Yoga. However one need not be a practitioner of Yoga to practice this Tantra; even a lay person can get good results by following these simple steps.

In the morning, while still in bed, observe with utmost concentration, from which of the two nostrils you are inhaling the breath; whether; the right or the left nostril.

Then if you are breathing through the right nostril, touch the right hand on the ground and touch your head with the same hand and imagine it is vibrant with positive frequencies and salute it. Then put the right foot first on the ground and commence the new day in a positive way.

If breathing from the left nostril; repeat the above Tantra with the left hand and foot. That’s all friends, my God bless you.

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  1. Jai Mata Di Guru ji I'm writing for everyone when u get up in the morning before u put the feet on the ground look at your both hands (palms) and chant the mantra KAR AAGRE VASTE LAKSHMI KAR MADHEY SARSVATI KAR MOOLE SATITHO GOVIIND PARBHATE KAR DARSHNAM means in the fingers part residing Mata Lakshmi Ji and in the middle part palms Mata Sarsvati Ji and the last part of the hand Govind ji's resining and in the morning we r seeing them. Please chant this mantra three times while looking at your hands and than which nostril u r breathing from, kiss the same side hand for three times, after that with right hand index finger next to the thumb write OM on your fourhead where we put bindi or tilak. It saves us from AKAAL MRITYU. If u r writing OM on your kids or someone else's fourhead than put your fingers on other persons head and write with your thumb. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE SPECIALLY GURU JI WHO MADE THIS WONDERFUL SIGHT THANK U GURU JI.

    1. Do we need to use our 2nd.finger for writing Om on our forehead since we normally apply Tilak with our middle finger, in fact 2nd.finger is forbidden in puja rituals

    2. This is a standalone Tantra and hence what is mentioned in the post is applicable.

  2. Sorry I forgot to write that OM write in hindi.Please try to write every morning, that saves from BRAIN HEMORRHAGE also. JAI MATA DI

    1. Appreciate the wonderful contribution which will be of great help to many readers.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. there is a wonder full matra for healing self and others are


    i dont know what is the language but it is very effective even for badhas , black magic nothing will touch u when u mentally chant this noneed for siddi

    1. sir i need to know about mahamaya tantra spells
      my email id is uajay72@yahoo.in

  5. thankyou very much for the wonderful post guruji !
    & thanks to ajay also.

  6. Sir if I am sleeping on the bed, do I have to touch the ground or I can touch the mattress? Thank you in advance..


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