Gayatri Mantra Upasana for Debts

This is a Gayatri Mantra Upasana for those unfortunate people who have incurred severe debts. This Sadhana has to be performed on 3 consecutive Thursdays. The Gayatri Mantra which has to be chanted can be found in this post - HERE.

Take a clean yellow cloth; preferably new and spread it on a wooden platform [the kind which is used for Pooja]. Then keep 3 roses; preferably red colored ones on it. Then pick up one of these roses and concentrating upon LaxmiMata, chant the Gayatri Mantra once and then keep the rose back upon the cloth. Repeat the same procedure with the other 2 roses.

Then tie the yellow cloth, with the roses inside it to make a bundle, and hang it in the Ishanya Corner [corner of the North East direction in your main room]. Then the next Thursday remove the bundle and immerse it in a body of flowing water. Repeat the same procedure and do it once again on the next Thursday; 3 Thursdays in all;in a row.

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  1. Gayatri Mantra is the source of all good things in this world


  2. Dear Sir,
    On the 2nd Thurdsday when we remove the bundle kept on 1st Thursday, on that same Thursday we have to do it again for 2nd Thursday and we have to remove on 3rd Thursday and have to do on 3rd Thursday last time to make it all 3 Thursday in a row?
    Is it correct?

    What should be time to do?


    1. Dear Sir,
      Please reply for the above question?
      We have to repeat on the same Thursday on which we remove the previous Thursday bundle or next Thursday?

    2. A bundle has to be kept on the 1st Thursday and immersed on the 2nd Thursday,
      After immersing another bundle has to be kept and immersed on the 3rd Thursday.
      The same procedure has to be repeated for the 3rd Thursday and the bundle immersed on the 4th Thursday.

    3. Yes, you have to repeat on the same Thursday on, which you remove previous Thursday Bundle and keep another Bundle.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I forgot to change the bundle on second Thursday. Now what I do?should I need to start from starting after immersing the previous bundle?


  4. Dear Sir,
    Please reply for above question..

  5. Pranam Guruji,
    I want to perform the Shobhana Yakshini Sadhana and I need your guidance please help me.��


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