Future males and females of matching size

While producing new male moderns, genetics experts were carefully able to avoid some past evolved human excesses, such as too masculine domineering tendencies, and sometimes less gentle faces having maybe a more prominent jaw, nose, etc. The new males were being designed to progressively tend to become quite loyal serving well enjoyed good fun & pleasure giving partners, while nicely also maturing to become more cutely attractive than average natural human males.

New male moderns were also genetically designed to be not quite as big as most past human males. There was little need up here for big strong males. Weights of things to move were small fractions of weights on Earth. For physically hard tasks, moderns up here instead had various very obedient quite serving capable robots.

And no need up here for any big strong fierce warrior. Want more territory? Relax. Simply peacefully keep having your Fullball world safely robotically expanded bigger as often as needed. Or have new Fullball worlds robotically built virtually free, orbiting wherever wanted.

So it was considered better to have male & female moderns more nicely matched in size. The more efficient smaller female size would be quite nice. Then pairings for sex would become better equally shared nice fun. (But it was decided letting males have bigger hands was fine, better for nicely fondly stimulating their mates.) Some parties at times now became sexually playful, more fun than past simpler social gatherings and parties, such as in the past back down on Earth.

Having new male moderns genetically well improved to now mature the same general efficient size as females led to them maturing to become a bit extra enjoyable close partners, better happily paired with female moderns, never big dominating lords like old historic humans.

Female moderns had been coming to more richly enjoy their ample free time up in the high orbiting settlements, now for more fun playing, often nicely sexy, sometimes thanks to such new well designed fond pleasure giving helpful good males. This became richly much nicer than just filling some past free time with maybe some mental games or past general entertainments. Most high orbiting settlers had been coming to agree that, with ample good serving ever more capable almost free robots, there was no need to feel at all somehow wrong or guilty of anything bad if not having to often perform old Earth human tasks.

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