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How the Human Aura really works

This a continuation of the earlier post; which describes the looks and shape of the Human Aura; the Human Aura is affected continuously by the outside as well as the internal energies. The internal energies generated by the body are primarily the thoughts, memories, sensations, feelings and the words uttered by the body. These inner energies normally react to the influence of the exterior ones. There is a continuous and unending interplay between these two and the shape and looks of the Human Aura are in a continuous state of change.

The Human Aura comprises of seven layers or colors; corresponding to the Seven Chakras or generators of energy, present in the human body. The first of these layers is related to the Root or the Muladhara Chakra; the energy primarily associated with the basic needs for survival and your place in the world. Thus the Aura of the person who lives primarily for survival has a powerful first layer which over shadows the other six.

Thus the Aura changes with the personality of the person. A God fearing person with a clear conscious is associated with a powerful seventh layer as the Crown or the Sahasrara Chakra is highly developed. A spiritually enlightened and saintly being will have a clear Aura with all the layers merged; it looks like the color of the glowing Moon or radiant silvery white.

The Human Aura amongst other qualities also works on the sub conscious level and very few people realize this. When you are going to meet someone in person or even speak over the phone or letters, email, chat etc.; your Aura and the Aura of that person have already met and the outcome of the coming interaction is already decided before hand.

For the normal person with no spiritual inclinations, a strong, healthy and magnetic Aura is the key to success in life. Whether going for a job interview or for a business meeting, the chances of success are extremely high. On the other side of the coin a person with a weak and fearful Aura will have tasted defeat much before the actual interaction.

To give an example of how the Human Aura really works on the sub conscious level; it is said that normally a woman can sense when a man she is meeting has sex on his mind; even if that man has not done anything to give the slightest impression of his intentions. The Auras of the two have met before and the outcome has already been decided.

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  1. pls tell how to clean human aura...can we do it fr others..

  2. Neel sir
    Can anyone see the aura of others and predict them from their aura


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