What the Human Aura really looks like

We exist in an ocean of energy, known as the Universal Energy Field. This energy field contains all the known and unknown; manifested and un manifested energies in the Universe. Sound Waves, Radio Waves, Electromagnetic Waves coexist everywhere, at the same time. All these Waves are constantly bombarding us, all the time.

By us, I mean to say that the energy we call us. Humans, as also all living things are also energies and part and parcel of this Universal Energy Field.

Indian spiritualists, with divine vision can always see, feel, smell and hear the human energies existing in this Universal Energy Field. These individual human energies are called the Aura. You might have heard of this term many times before, not knowing what it means and how it looks like.

Today I am going to explain how the human Aura really looks like. It is an egg shaped energy field, around and all over the body. This Aura is continually affected by the countless energies bombarding it and changes colors and shape every time it is bombarded by the energies I have described above.

Practitioners of Reki and Kundalini Shastra describe the Human Aura as having seven colors; each of these colors, corresponding to the Seven Main Chakras or the energy fields or generators present in the human body.

Thus the human body is nothing but a microscopic quantity of energy present in the Universe. I have many times earlier described how this energy is never destroyed even after death. The solid or the material body is the gross energy which we can see; even after it is extinguished the higher energies comprising the body continue to live. These live for varying periods of time and only that part which is the purest or what we call God continues to live forever.

Now I don’t wish to go in detail as the purpose of writing this article is solely to give an accurate and authentic description of the Human Aura as it leaves the body of a dead person. This is when the Aura is minus the gross energy which is the body. The Aura as it leaves the body is about one and a half to two feet in length and about a foot in breadth. It is of a silvery white moonlike color. This is exactly how a Human Aura looks like in reality.

Those, lucky enough to see and touch the Aura of a dead person have felt a sensation of eternal bliss which is indescribable. This bliss is what the Aura energy is without the gross material body.

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