Conversion of atmospheric CO2 in future

Since ways had by now been devised for an expanding Fullball world to convert heat's molecular random sonic speed motions into usable energy, that could be used to supply much needed refining and manufacturing energy. This could be in a few hot deserts which were largely useless overheated Earth surface lands. Earth populations shouldn't object to that. (In fact, this would harvest and slightly reduce the excessive Solar heating there, while nicely avoiding having to burn fuel for energy or for heat needed for refining some of the needed materials.)

For down on some Earth deserts, moderns planned to even have robotically made lots of big sunlight to electricity converting panels, tilted daily to gain lots more electric energy than only conversion of local average temperature heat, (thus very slightly reducing so much past daily desert heating from sunlight). Some could even be used to helpfully convert some atmospheric CO2 into carbon plus breathable oxygen, (which their new robotic devices down there would never be breathing). This would be slightly good for the still expanding Earth human populations, (a bit like farms, trees, etc. had long been doing, of course quite helpful for sustaining past and present humans and other animals).

By the 21st century, an excess of CO2, much from human uses of combustion, had already been starting to cause problems for some sea life. CO2 got absorbed into seas and the ocean, (rendering them slightly acidic), some then harmfully reducing populations of some sea life, such as some shell fish, which some other sea life depended upon for their food. So converting as much atmospheric CO2 as they could into breathable oxygen (plus usable carbon) would be very slightly helpful to such sea life.

Some high orbiting settlements' inventive settlers (actually moderns) also kindly devised, for Earth humans, a select few completely new products, to be robotically (cheaply) produced in some quite useless Earth deserts, using energy nicely harvested from excess heat in such deserts, (even usefully very slightly cooling the nearby air temperatures a bit daily, in contrast to old conventional human refining & manufacturing energy consuming methods).

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