Preferred human future genetic trend

Two having found each other so exceptionally close minded that they had to visit, would now enjoy at last being able to talk together live, maybe happily discussing, for a couple hours or more, numerous mutually very interesting subjects. While one was talking, if noticing a contented smile contributing extra attractiveness in the other's face, this would indicate good happy enjoyment for likely having this special visit become expanded deeper. And either might sometimes show extra good agreement by giving the other an approving gentle pat on an arm or leg.

It's not hard to guess what this might later advance into. For ever more genetically best most healthy future humans, long adult living with a best found mate would bring very happy existence. And most might before long start producing genetically fine in fact still actually pure human descendant(s). Such fine humans should predictably become a growing quite happy preferred human future trend, for many all around the world.

As natural pure humangenetics experts keep doing better, finding the best within our gene varieties for producing good developments, from infancy into adulthood, we really should expect that a much appreciated type of such better included selections will be what's likely to contribute better enjoyed good adult pleasures, like with an exceptionally close minded beloved mate. This will keep their refined quite healthy lives happier. Many would agree, it will be nicer to frequently enjoy life extra with a good very close minded mate.

Some human DNA genetics R&D (research & development) experts had also been discovering rare natural genetic alterations in some reproductive cells from some in their large human study groups, both male and female. This was most interesting. Such natural genetic alterations fitted the way natural animal evolution had long been occurring, including in the past to have kept naturally advancing our human species beyond competing primate species (especially mentally).

Thus some such experts carefully isolated new natural genetic alterations. Most were harmful, possibly sometimes even cancerous. But a rare few were found to in fact be likely advantageous. The experts then did their best to predict specifically what the best such natural new human gene variations might be able to successfully favorably develop within any new human young.

Some folks in their large study sample groups also became more than a little interested in what some of the best seeming such natural genetic evolution modifications were predicted to be able to even slightly achieve for new young.

Some even asked to try having a new baby given some predicted better natural genetics advance(s). They knew the experts would do their best for such new young, to avoid any possible developmental problems. Old ancient evolution had never been able to be this selective for the best natural genetic modifications.

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