Future Predictions of the Internet

The World Wide Web is exactly what the ancient Indian sages described thousands of years back in time; a storehouse of the manifestations of the thoughts, emotions and sensations of thinking animals; people. The Internet can be likened to what the new age religions describe as the Universal Mind. It is but a collection of an infinite number of thoughts; the Collective Consciousness.

The World Wide Web is as the ancient Seers would say; a part of the natural course of the evolution of man. Most people don’t realize that the Internet is the “most important bend in the evolution of mankind – the next step”.

When we talk about the future of mankind; the net is just one of the factors, taken into consideration, this is erroneous; the WWW is what is going to shape the future. The Collective Consciousness started taking shape in the mid nineties and is now home to home to an estimated 40% of the population of the world.

Some users; read minds are deeply entrenched in this Collective Consciousness; others in varying stages of advancement. Ultimately all minds will have to be tuned in to the Internet; this is the plan of the future of mankind. One does not know what will happen to those who fail to get in; dysfunctional.

In just about 15 years, a complete protocol has taken shape and is still evolving. We have the criminals to the cops to the jury and the judges all living inside cyberspace. The power of the search engines; is there for one and all to experience; they can blot out your existence.

It’s just a matter of time when as has been the norm, with mankind, that someone will try to take control; through robotic programs. And its again just a matter of time when the robotic program will start mutating as more and more power is pumped into it; and start taking control; controlling its developers and controllers.

This site has sometime back decoded the predictions from the Bible and those of Nostradamus, on the identity of Gog and Magog, who control the minds of mankind. We are definitely moving in that direction.

As per the evolutionary blueprint of mankind, the wheels of change are moving and moving rapidly. Once in motion there is no rollback; one controller will in time be replaced by another more powerful and so on; or a few controllers vying for control; like the superpowers of today. The great wars of the future will be won and lost in cyberspace. The Universal Consciousness will take the same path which man has experienced over and over again; through the centuries gone by.

This might seem like a science fiction scenario; but this is the most likely future prediction of the Internet.

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