Spiritual Learnings of a Handicapped Person

This is a post contributed by our reader Shreenivasa Durbha; on the spiritual truths he learned from his life. He is suffering from a severe physical disability which has left him handicapped for the past 23 years. I request you to kindly read and fully understand it as the message is profound.

Hello Sir, how are you. I regularly read and follow your postings on Google+ and feel happy to observe your kind service/help to fellowmen.

I would like to discuss with you an issue which is foremost in my mind for a long time & it is up to you whether this need to be highlighted or dropped; that it.

Whether its physical or mental suffering (I mean by crude methods such as black magic or any gross negligence of ones own or because of ones own way of thinking), I am sorry, there is no use of making any hard effort (of medical treatments or doing mantra, tantra way outs or approaching Astrologers / remedy providers, vasthu corrections etc) because the base of suffering is on two aspects

Number One – everything and anything that is occurring is based on ones own deeds done earlier knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, for which again there is some other Mode, there is no use abusing your fate, instead if just for a second, one thinks in-depth, one can realize what is happening, for which one need not be a spiritual person or born in a Brahmin or an orthodox family alone, since the Soul is existing in everyone and is part & particle of Purity (GOD), which exists to guide us towards the right things only.

So what I like to advise is to be healthy and wealthy; with peace of mind. Everybody should be aware of the Karma Philosophy and try to be careful to every extent possible. However humans err so there are chances of slipping, every one should try to follow the best available procedures, day-to-day to remove his day-to-day (time to time) Karma accumulation, by Service without any expectation to the really needy people (here I like to cite the words of a foreign author in his book "do not invite a rich person to your house for dinner. They will repay you by inviting you to their house for dinner. Whereas invite poor people to your house for dinner. They cannot pay you back, so the universe must pay you back and the Universe is sure to pay you back as it is Law as immutable as the law of gravity." - Here what I am trying to communicate is when once one does service without any expectation to help a really needy person , that needy person might not do anything in return for you, but the Universe will surely help you; when you are suffering. - I hope the point is clear)

Practicing certain stipulated Mantras Japas will also help in removing day-to-day Karma to a certain extent only, but full help will be received by way given above only.

The Second aspect is for enlightenment, at times one will be prone to suffering and that is the time one should have the patience for new learning’s otherwise one will be left with sufferings only (as his focus is only on sufferings instead of new learning’s)

Let me tell you; sufferings are the best friends of every human and this is an important message of Life & an opening to New Learning’s; Life Coaching; free of cost.

So I plead with every human to focus on all your hurdles / sufferings and understand with affection what it wants to teach us, while on the other hand doing service within ones capacity to help the really needy Humans & all living beings; even service to birds & animals/trees without any expectation / even without accepting anything; even if offered (unless you are running short of basic survival needs) and lastly doing the requisite japa to help yourself.

Sir, this is the truth learned by me from my own life, which has given me a very good healthy and peaceful life even after remaining handicapped for the past 23 years & yet I am making efforts to restore myself back to normal physical fitness levels, while on the other hand accepting every new learning (Life Coaching by the Almighty]

However, you need not accept this article with my English or even my way of thinking. But if you find it is reasonable and useful to our fellowmen & if you got space in your web site, you may kindly publish it or even offer it to the recycle bin(dust bin) I have no objection, as I believe everything & anything will be at the right time selected by the Mode operator; and no one else; if it is His desire to enlighten Human through this article itself it will appear or else disappear and I am always bowing with my head before His Lotus Feet( being a dust particle of his Lotus Feet) I accept the outcome.

With warm Regards,
Shreenivasa. Durbha

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  1. Sir your post is true and I've been in pain for many years and neglected too.
    Similar Has been my experience.

  2. vry true..100% agree...even i believe the same....it is described in bhagvad geeta also....


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