Nostradamus - Lost Knowledge Returns

Century - 1- 62
“Alas! What a great loss to learning before the moon completes it cycle. Through fire, great floods, insensible rulers; how long will the century until it is restored”

A very profound prophecy where Nostradamus speaks how true knowledge has been lost over the centuries. The basic human laws have been replaced by man made ones; through man made religions.

The course of human evolution; pure at its source has been mutated and turned morbid through false knowledge; the word of God, as lied by most man made religions; is the major source of this mutation. Various natural disasters and regimes, over the centuries have contributed to this downfall of true knowledge.

A silver lining here, Nostradamus sees that this lost knowledge will be restored after a long century of turmoil,. Is this that century; before the moon completes its cycle. The moon cycle is indicative of change of Yugas; the Kali Yuga being replaced by the first Yuga of the next cycle; the Satya Yuga; as per Indian cosmology.

During the course of this seemingly unending century; marked by unprecedented turmoil; wars and natural disasters false knowledge; read religions; will be wiped out; from the world and also from memory. It appears a large chunk of the worlds population will also be wiped out.

One thing appears certain the true knowledge; glimpses of which are seen in the Vedas; the knowledge of the ancient Indian Sages will return.

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