Indian Black Money Disclosures - Nostradamus

This site wrote about the Nostradamus prophecy on how the Swiss will break their most prized secrecy laws and disclose the names and accounts of the Indian holders of illegal black money in Swiss banks, more than three years back. People were then skeptical about this prediction. But as thing have panned out since then this Nostradamus prophecy looks destined to be on it way to fulfillment.

Century – 1 61
“The wretched, miserable republic will have a new Constable and Magistrate. The great amount of ill will accumulated by the exiles will make the Swiss break their important agreement”

There is that “republic” once again, as mentioned before it is not the description of France; but the Indian Republic. Nostradamus lived his entire life is France; hence in his prophecies on France, landmarks and geography has been described explicitly. The Republic of India did not exist in his time; hence he describes it as the republic or new republic.

This Prediction is linked to a change of power “Constable” and a new law enforcing authority – Magistrate - Lokpal? Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare’s dream coming true? – The Political Revolution?

If one goes by Nostradamus drastic changes are on the way for India. Such disclosures are possible only if there is a total change in the system of governance and nothing else.

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