Narrow Female Waists in Future

Let's expect that the best liked genetic versions of developments, even including for better more attractive bodies, should become choosable future options, preferred by many paying for new prepared embryos having still purely human natural existing genetics. Many parents would request these included among other chosen options for newly started good genetically purely human embryos. E.g., many such new female babies would develop, while maturing later, to gain among the best attractive prominent well filled adult breasts, likely to nicely complement also developing nice very cute lovely faces.

Also a more narrow female waist than average, (being somewhat determined from one's natural human genetics), was judged helpful to attract and keep a preferred male future mate. (Narrower implied being temptingly quite ready for our natural sexual reproduction.) A bit narrower waists could be an also selected option for a prepared developing embryo. Why not? That's how such new humans, from selected natural human genetics, could now be helped to also mature. (Before this century, some women had even been wearing girdles tight around their waists, in fact often to gain attractively narrower appearing waists.)

A matured human female having a more youthful narrow waist, if not visibly growing too old, happens to show off that she may be quite ready to reproduce, our key activity long required to have kept our good primate species surviving from way far back through prehistory. Also this further indicates which are good fertile females, as are of course required for developing our babies, (in contrast to males having bigger more muscular bodies with bigger waists). Being matured with a narrow female waist implies not being pregnant, thus good for sex to further perpetuate our species continuation into the human future. This usefully tempts our males more to want to try reproductive sex with them, (most importantly necessary for continuing to perpetuate our successful evolved primate species).

More of our likely maturing human behaviors could also be somewhat selected for new future still natural genetics pure humans. Developing behavior natures had been found to be in part affected by one's starting genetics for the brain. So why not thus select even more possible genetic options, such as from our evolved natural varieties for likely behaviors? Many still natural human new parents and new still purely genetically natural human young should prefer them tending to mature with better behavior tendencies, such as to love loyally mating with a chosen most compatible found partner. (This should contribute to a more stable harmonious adult society for still genetically purely human new young.)

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