Controlling and improving Human Genetics

Over recent centuries we've been ever more greatly improving how we can live ever better and nicer, greatly expanding new technology developments advanced far beyond what had long been our ancient natural rather crude poor far simpler ways of living. Such good very helpful advances got spread around our world, letting people then live ever easier and better.

Advancements, so long never dreamed of by anyone in our ancient past as if ever possible, had not prevented them from getting invented, and then soon well spread throughout modern society in our recent history centuries, while being developed ever better and more capable by our ever advancing technology. Before 1500, folks would have never even dreamed of such nice future possibilities, by now getting ever more greatly accepted and continually well improved, including electric lights, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, many canned foods, telephones, cars, trucks, tractors, buses, trains, airplanes, helicopters, rockets, space probes, artificial satellites, orbiting space stations, radio, TV, computers, internet communications, etc.

Good improvements for how modern people now live have of course included ever advancing biochemistry preparations, from vitamin supplements etc. for healthier living, to ever more improved better treatments for diseases, plus increasing ways to reduce past disease vulnerabilities, or almost eliminate some contagious diseases. We all of course expect such good health improvements to keep being more greatly advanced ever better.

So, had past simpler thinking traditional humans been correct? Of course not! By now most of us frequently use such past impossibilities, many often daily. And in the past, well before 1500, without fathoming genetics, humans had long been slowly selectively improving genetic varieties for farmed food plants and animals, also for their pets, simply by gaining better seeds or new young by selecting from the better preferred natural matured varieties.

Improving abilities to biochemically analyze genetics, while investigating the resulting matured results, led to abilities to make increasing sense of our genes and chromosomes DNA. Now finding some genetic variety forms apparently linked with some varied developmental results lets us ever more progressively understand genes in ever improving detail, also our gene regulating chromosome DNA sections. By 2000, this began letting some human genetics experts try nicely selecting what should be good varieties, including those best for our own progressively healthier maturing new young.

After 2010, time needed to have someone’s total genome analyzed dropped under 1 day, with the cost dropping under $1,000. And it became possible to give an infant's new starting ovum some selected gene versions. Controlling and improving human genetics was thus truly becoming a doable option! Expect some parents to prefer this for new young!

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